the radical idea that all bodies are valuable and deserve to have healthy fun


Tiger Toe Collective

Body Justice Minifesto

  • We offer an alternative to mainstream fitness that is inclusive, adaptable, creative and just plain fun.
  • Our mission is to fight “six-pack” culture and other forms of extreme fitness by demonstrating that healthy movement doesn’t have to hurt.
  • We encourage and support self: exploration, reflection and definition. Positive self definition is the ultimate goal.
  • We recognize, accommodate and celebrate sensitivity and uniqueness. Hooray for everyone’s inner snowflakes!
  • We discourage destructive comparison by celebrating all body types and telling stories with weird and wonderful non-humanoid characters.

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Heather Robinson is fitness coach, athlete, writer, artist and play facilitator who specializes in helping people connect with their bodies. Her motto is, “feel the fun, not the burn” and she prides herself on leading workouts that even very grumpy people enjoy.

In Heather’s 10+ years of fitness experience she has helped hundreds of people feel stronger, more confident and more connected to their bodies. She is certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a  strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) and earned her master's in recreation, parks and tourism from San Francisco State University, with an emphasis in encouraging women's active leisure. She is interested in using the creative process and play to explore physical culture and mind/body/feeling relationships.



Heather is the best physical trainer I have ever worked with. I have been working out with Heather for many years now. She listens to a client’s needs, and is thoughtful, creative, and designs the right amount of challenge with her workouts. Heather always mixes it up so training is always fun and effective, and at the same time makes sure I won’t injure myself. I always look forward to working out with her. And the best part is that we get to workout outside instead of a gym.
She never gives up on me! I have thrown her many challenges as I have some physical limitations over the years, and Heather always manages to figure out a way to give me a great workout and always encourages me to keep on striving to be healthy. The amazing thing is that Heather’s workouts can also be healing! More than once, I have come to her with lower back or hip pain. In an hour, she manages to both strengthen and loosen my muscles so that I am pain-free . I don’t have to go to physical therapy, acupuncture, or massage, because Heather took care of it!”
-Ivi, 37
After years of hating my body - punishing myself through over-exercise and struggling with a volatile relationship to food, “fitness” stuff is so easily triggering for me. Heather has made it safe and playful, focusing on form, function, and fun - not on making my body look a certain way or turning work-outs into some kind of penance for my sins. As a psychotherapist, I treat eating disorders and I would feel safe sending my clients to Heather. She is a rare gem in the fitness world.
-Lily, 33
Heather is extremely good at fixing body mechanics for folks who are moving incorrectly due to past injuries. As someone with past sports injuries that required knee surgery, and shoulder surgery I was one of those folks and I’d gotten quite inactive and sedentary from a stressful job and bad habits. Being in my mid 40’s was certainly not helping either. Heather, who has had sports related injuries and surgeries herself, was great at diagnosing where my movement was off and composing workouts that corrected specific problems, not the least of which was my inertia to just doing a regular exercise routine. She even created a 5 minute workout to get me into the groove mentally. She is patiently and gradually working up my strength and the length of my routines.

After a couple of months working out with Heather, I felt significantly improved strength in my knees and shoulder and a greater sense of balance both physically and mentally because Heather also teaches body mindfulness and practical strategies to pull you out of bad habits, whether it be food choices or working posture or finding what works to get yourself exercising. She’s a lifelong learner and keeps current on research on health and fitness. She’s engaging and funny and one of the most interesting people you’ll meet. My wife and I are lucky to have her as our trainer.
-Nino, 43